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How to choose hotel furniture

Whether hotel furniture materials are reasonable?

How to choose hotel furniture Different hotel furniture has different surface materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, and cabinets require hard wood, which is relatively strong and can bear weight, and the internal materials can be used with other materials; the thickness of the legs of the wardrobe needs to reach 2.5cm, if it is too thick, it is awkward, and it is thin and easy to bend Deformation;

kitchen and bathroom cabinets

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use plywood, because the fiberboard will expand and damage when exposed to water; the dining table should be resistant to washing.

Found that the wood has insect eyes and foam, indicating that the drying is not complete. After checking the surface, open the cabinet door and the drawer door to see if the internal material is decaying. You can pinch with your fingernail. If you pinch it in, it means the internal material is decaying. After opening the cabinet door, smell it with your nose. If you have a nose, dazzling, or tearing, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high, which is harmful to the human body.

content of wood does not exceed 12

The moisture content of hotel furniture should not exceed 12%.

content is high, and the wood is easy to warp and deform. When consumers buy, there is no testing equipment, you can use the method of touching by hand, touch the bottom of the hotel furniture or the unpainted place inside, if you feel moisture, then the moisture content is at least 50%, it can not be used at all. Another method is to spray a little water on the unpainted wood. If the bleeding is slow or not, it means that the water content is high.

Whether the structure of the hotel furniture is firm.

Small pieces of hotel furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc.,

can be dragged on the

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cement floor during selection.

The sound is crisp and the quality is good; if the sound is dumb, there are The clattering noise of the pits indicates that the combination of the mortise and mortise is not tight and the structure is not strong. Writing desks and tables can be shaken by hand to see if they are stable.

 You can sit on the sofa for a while. If you sit on it, it will squeak and squeak. If you shake it, it will be nail work. It won’t take long.

The legs of the square table, the bar table, and the chair should have four triangular clips for fixing. You can turn the table and chair upside down when selecting them, and you can touch the cloth chair by hand. 

Are the four feet of hotel furniture flat?

It’s easy to know on this level that some hotel furniture only has three legs on the ground. Take a look at whether the table is straight, and you can’t bow your back or collapse your waist. 

The tabletop is raised, and the glass plate will rotate

Hotel Furniture

when it is placed;

the tabletop is recessed, and the glass plate will break when pressed.

 Pay attention to check the cabinet door, the slits of the drawer can not be too large, pay attention to the horizontal and straight, the door can not sag.

The veneer hotel

furniture is tightly patched.

Whether it is wood veneer, PVC or pre-painted paper,

pay attention to whether the leather is smooth, whether there is bulging, blistering, or loose joints.

Look at the light during the inspection, and you won’t see it without the light. The hotel furniture of manchurian ash veneer veneer is relatively damaged, and generally can only be used for two years. 

As far as wood veneers are concerned, edged

veneers are better than rotary cuts. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood.

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The texture of the sliced ​​veneer wood is straight and dense, and the pattern of the spirally cut veneer is curved and sparse. 

Particleboard veneer hotel furniture, the grounding part must

be edge-sealed, without edge-board will absorb moisture, swell and damage.

 Generally, the corners of veneer hotel furniture are easy to warp. You can buckle the corners by hand when selecting. If you buckle up, it means there is a problem with the glue

How to choose Hotel Furniture Dimensions

Hotel Furniture Dimensions The basic dimensions of the hotel furniture mm (appearance and functional dimensions), whether it is the determination of the appearance size or the functional size.

mainly derived from ergonomics, based on the consideration of the safety, comfort and health of the user during work, life, etc. And experience, in this aspect, there is not only long-term accumulation of people, but also guidance and limitation of national and industry standards. 

Therefore, the customization of hotel furniture needs to be based on the space size of the hotel suites before making suitable furniture configurations for the design of hotel suite furniture.

Hotel Furniture

Bed Screen

Bed screen : 1200/1500/1800 × 600/700/800/1150/1200 × <50-60> 1200-1280 (1200); 1500-1550; 1800-1860, the general size of hotel furniture is also suitable

for hotel furniture and club furniture, so when customizing hotel furniture, it can also be ordered in large quantities.

side table

Side Table (including electric control cabinet and bedside cabinet): 550/590/600 × 450/480/500 × 500/520/550/580 Normal size: 550 × 450 × 550. Without special requirements, the size of the bed furniture of

hotel furniture, hotel furniture, club furniture is the same, so the usual size will be used more. 

Specification of electric control board of bedside cabinet: 470×110 (except customized), the price is 50-80 yuan, and the high-end microelectronic control board is between 300-650 yuan.

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Dressing table / writing desk

DRESSING TABLE / WRITING DESK 1200/1300×550/600/650×750 Normal size: 1200×600×750

Make-up chair shoe chair

MAKE-UP CHAIR SHOE CHAIR Normal size: 480×460×<800-1100>, makeup chairs/shoe chairs are generally reflected in the higher-end hotel suite furniture series, and ordinary hotel furniture is generally not used.

Makeup stool

MAKEUP STOOL 420×/450/460×350/360×450 Normal size: 420×350×450 Makeup mirror: 600/800/1000×700/750×thickness Normal size: 900×700×30 Full-length mirror Normal size: 1600×600×thickness

TV cabinet

TV CABINET (mini water tank 470×440×470): 800/850/900×550/600× 550/580/650/750 Normal size: 800/900×550/600×650 TV cabinet Normal size of long TV cabinet: 1200/1500/1800×500/550×500/550; normal size of high TV cabinet: 1000/1100×550/600×<1300-1500>. There are many kinds of rulers for

TV cabinets, long, tall and universa Type, generally in the high-end Jiuzhan suite furniture, we use long TV cabinets, and

How to choose hotel furniture series, it is generally universal

Type, the high TV cabinet is generally

used in business hotel suite furniture.

Luggage locker

LUGGAGE LOCKER 800/850/900×550/600×550/600/680

Normal size: 800×550×550, luggage lockers and wardrobes

are also made into one, this kind should be the hotel space Depends on the size. Wool chair/armchair Normal size: 620×600×<750-950>

Round dining table

ROUND DINING TABLE turntable: its diameter is 700-800mm smaller than the outer diameter of the dining table.


In addition, the diameter of the round dining table is calculated. When customers often tell, it depends on how many people sit on the table.

What We can supply?

Skyline Trading supplies furniture that is inside used furniture, which include hotel luxuary furniture, hotel sofa, Hotel tables and chairs, hotel beds, hotel screens, TV cabinets, luggage stage, soft bed, hotel dressing table, wooden doors, wood veneer, etc.

Hotel decoration

Hotel Decoration , including crafts Paintings, hotel lighting, sculptures, craft ornaments, decorative materials, decorative porcelain, tapestries, tapestries, fresh-keeping plants, bamboo weaving crafts, etc.

cleaning supplies

Just like your home needs to be cleaned, the hotel also needs to be cleaned, there are many dedicated for hotel use cleaning products, including hotels hopper, soap dispenser, air cleaner

aerosol dispenser, cleaning tools, liquid detergents, liquid soap, detergents, scouring agent, disinfectant, shoe polisher, and other stone cleaning pad;

Hotel Lobby supplies

HOTEL LOBBY SUPPLIES is the facade of a hotel. It is the lobby as soon as guests walk into the hotel, whether it is decoration or services. Lobby supplies include hotel luggage carts, umbrella stands, signs, lecture tables, light boxes, etc.

Hotel Accommodation

One of the hotel’s functions is to provide accommodation. When it comes to accommodation

you have to talk about guest rooms. Hotel supplies also include a lot of room supplies, including tissue boxes, safes, non-slip mats, beauty mirrors, and trash cans.

Hangers/clothes, hotel room signs, service guides, ice buckets, bamboo and wood products, key hand cards.

Catering Equipment

Catering Equipment as another major function of the catering equipment dining room hotel, whether the catering service is good or not and how the catering equipment.

however is decided the overall impression of the hotel guests, such products comprise gold and silver, glassware, ceramic tableware, melamine tableware, stainless steel products, wine, tea, food model, plastic products, such as dining car.

and seven-time items as provided In public accommodation and dining places, the hotel must have disposable items.

which include toothbrushes, soaps, slippers, shampoos, shower gels, combs, etc.

hotel appliance

We also can supply Hotel Appliance comfort of guest rooms determines the loyalty of guests to the hotel , It is indispensable to provide complete room electrical appliances, such as safe, hair dryer, electric kettle, room refrigerator, room phone, TV turntable, room TV, etc..

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Equipment or Kitchen Catering Equipment electrical products for hotel We are strongly good at that very well, we doing this since 2008, and we have enough experience about it, if you interesting in this items you can contact us here by clicking this link.

As the core area, the supplies here must be complete, including Asian and Western kitchen equipment, kitchen stoves, stainless steel kitchenware, induction stoves, baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, cold beverage equipment, ice cream machines, juicers, ice making Machine, soymilk machine, freezer, exhaust equipment, kitchen knives, banquet dining stoves, fast food equipment, dishwashers, steam sterilization equipment. if you want see more products you can check our website here:

We will tell you how to choose hotel furniture and equipment for your hotel, if you looking for hotel design you also can contact us