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Hotel Design for us is very important, specially when its 5 stars hotel so, Foshan Shunde Skyline Trading Co., LTD Furniture shopping destination for a wide range of savvy shoppers. Since our inception in 1999.

 we have served hotel owners and institutional buyers, and in recent years we have become a major furniture shopping resource for the general public. We have a broad client base, including scores of homes unites owners, set decorators and design professionals.

Hotel Furniture
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design steps

  1. design might be any patent or trademark infringement issues, you should perform a patent or trademark search and/or consult a patent attorney. We do not perform patent or trademark searches; we will not knowingly source a product 
  2. First of all You wouldn’t want this either, as importing a product that infringes on a patent or trademark could trigger a lawsuit, in addition to the possibility that Country Customs could confiscate the shipment.
  3. The product must be engineered, prototyped and tested to insure that it performs as needed. The engineering process involves creating computer-generated drawings (prints), that a manufacturing company will use to create the production parts.

Protyping design

  1. Deisgn  Not prototyping your product is a costly mistake that can result in a shipment of defective parts. The prototyping process can also save you money by flushing out ideas on how the product might be made at a lower cost. We can refer you to a company in your country who does excellent engineering and prototyping work.
  2.  After you’ve tested a fully functioning prototype, it’s now time to do some market research. True market research is finding out what your customers want to buy and then catering your product line and marketing to their needs. What you think you want to sell is a shot in the dark.
  3. Show your prototype to as many of your prospective customers as possible; you want to ask their opinion on your product’s quality, function, projected sales price, appearance, and how they’d like to see it packaged. 
Hotel Furniture

design prototype.

  1. If there are any changes that need to be made to the product, the prints must be updated. You might consider having a final prototype or two made if your customers want to see an updated version.
  2. Have the artwork for your packaging made. Getting your product completely packaged in China is no problem. It is best that you have the artwork made by a local graphic arts company; we do not recommend having the artwork designed in China
  3.  We can refer you to a professional company in the U.S. that does fantastic package design.
  4. If you’re setting up a new company, it’s important to make a business plan. Your business plan will help you understand the total costs involved in setting up a new business so that you can acquire enough capital to insure that your new company will make it over the long term.
  5.  Lack of planning and insufficient capital are two of the biggest reasons why new businesses fail.
  6. Now you’re ready to go to production. We’ll source a factory for you to make the production run, and get you a quote on the final, packaged product.
It was good time in 2012 to work with you guys, this guys are professional and always be on time.
Four season hotel
Keep your quality as it is, we have done with you guys more than 10 projects in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait it was really good.
Mariot Hotel

Hotel design projects


With more than 15-year professional experience in the high end custom furniture industry, we aim to provide one-stop solution to our clients in both home and commercial projects. What isn’t being made now, can be developed. Many manufacturing companies boast late model, computer run U.S. or European made equipment.​


We work with buyers over a wide geographical area, but shipping issues and costs vary for every shipping location. We want to serve every buyer's furniture needs, but location and shipping issues are a significant issue which cannot be ignored. For starters, buyers and long distance shoppers should check out with us..

hotel design

Hotel design offers a broad line of products in many different materials for the kitchen and bath areas and beyond. Focusing on the Hospitality and Hotels industries, we offer vanity tops, furniture quality wood bases, kitchen cabinets and tops, standard and whirlpool tubs, tub and shower wall surrounds.